What this latest craze on Vaping and E-Cigs?

Do You Want To Try One Of The Latest Electronic Cigarettes?


There are a ton of people just like you that are thinking about trying electronic cigarettes. Or, maybe you have and are checking out the new vaping products. That’s what happened with me after not trying them for a few years. I tried them when they first came out, and while I was impressed, they have changed much since then. In fact, that market has completely exploded with tons of what are now called vaping pens and other products.

You also have disposable electronic cigarettes. In ways, they have almost run their course. However, when I first tried the e cigs, they were expensive and there weren’t disposable versions out yet. So you can imagine when the disposable e cigarettes were introduced at first, people were very happy about the reduction in price. Yet the price of the e cigs did seem to drop somewhat quickly anyway. There are also cheap box mods that help your budget for getting into vaping.


It remains to be seen what is going to happen with the market for them, meaning if it will plateau at some point. Do you think that cigarette companies are worried about the matter? That’s not likely, as there are advantages for them, too, as well as the disadvantages that are there. It seems as though that even if development of new models slows at some point, they are going to sit alongside the other nicotine replacement therapy products for years and years.


There hasn’t been a reason to take nicotine gum or the patch off the market, so why would these e cigs be taken off the market? Well, there are people that do have that opinion. Do you know when the electronic cigarettes were first introduced? It’s likely earlier than you think. You see, I would have guessed like 2009 or so, but the answer is actually 2004. Now you can even make your own e juices for these contraptions.